Copyright 2018

When I Am Belfast

Shannon Connor Winward

I never could hold my tongue.

My daughters walk to school

voices small under jet engine fear


gazes skipping down alleys

and men crawl home, eyes

burning bright as Sunday.


I break bottles behind the house

when they sleep—I am learning

to scream in shattered glass.

Shannon Connor Winward is the author of the Elgin-award winning chapbook, Undoing Winter and winner of the 2018 Delaware Division of the Arts Emerging Artist Fellowship in Literature. Her work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Analog, Lunch Ticket, The Pedestal Magazine, Cider Press Review, Minola Review, The Monarch Review, Qu, Literary Mama, Rivet, PANK and elsewhere. In between writing, parenting, and other madness, Shannon is also a poetry editor for Devilfish Review and founding editor of Riddled with Arrows, a literary journal dedicated to metafiction, ars poetica, and writing that celebrates the process and product of writing as art.