Copyright 2018

Named and Unnamed Storms

Gina Ferrara

Dabbing her eyes with pink tissues
crumpled like crepe myrtle blossoms
in the rain,
my mother steeped silence
during her turbulent migraines,
not unlike hurricanes
lurking south at the mouth of the river,
turning ill-timed hours counterclockwise
outside of the shutters.

Pulling the shades down,
then, closing her drapes,
my mother drifted,
pressures personal
and barometric dropping,
with her ice cap
over her brows
temple to temple
cubes melting into lost angles
and unfound angels
in the hyacinth folds
of a satin slipper chair,
where I would sit
watching my mother’s
eye movement,
storms named and unnamed,

Gina Ferrara lives in New Orleans and teaches English and writing at Delgado Community College. Her
poetry collections include: The Size of Sparrows (Finishing Line Press 2006), Ethereal Avalanche
(Trembling Pillow Press 2009), Amber Porch Light (CW Books 2013), Carville: Amid Moss and
Resurrection Fern
(FLP 2014) and Fitting the Sixth Finger: Poems Inspired by the Paintings of Marc
published by Aldrich Press in 2017. Her poetry has appeared in Callaloo, anderbo, Ovunique
Siamo, The Poetry Ireland Review
and others. She was awarded a grant by the Elizabeth George
Foundation, and since 2007 she has curated The Poetry Buffet, a monthly reading series held at The Latter
Branch of the New Orleans Public Library.